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Our products are made from carefully selected quality ingredients to guarantee a wholesome breakfast cereal. They are packed full of the goodness of natural ingredients, vitamins and essential minerals.

Imagine if essentially everything you ate on a daily basis left you feeling bloated or even worse, with a runny stomach.

You would not be so keen to eat now, would you? As an adult perhaps you could work through what you eat and find a few things that don’t upset your gut and stick with those, but until then, you will not be fully functional nor a happy camper because food and gut stability are such vital parts of our lives.

This is what you would experience if you had wheat and/or gluten intolerance because wheat is in pretty much everything we eat: breakfast cereals, breads, biscuits, soups, spices, snacks, and more!

Now, imagine the discomfort for a baby or child that is wheat and/or gluten intolerant!

Just about anything you try to feed them, from porridge, to bread, instant noodles, the usual bowl of cereal, or birthday cake, leaves them in anguish and all they can do is cry and refuse to eat

That child may soon develop learning or developmental difficulties because like adults, they too cannot function well with an unstable gut or lack of nutrients.

The TrueEarth™ Gluten-free breakfast cereals were developed with both children and adults living with wheat and/or gluten intolerance in mind.




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This is TrueEarth’s contribution towards an improved quality of life and an enjoyable childhood that every child deserves!