Our Founder’s Story


In 2012, my eldest son was three and a half years old and moving onto normal food. During this transition, he was not eating well and it seemed his appetite was gone; he was simply not interested in eating at all.

At first we would try and make eating fun and chase him around the house with a spoon, just to try and get two or three spoons of food into his system. As time went by, our little game turned into worry, as he was not getting the nutrients he needed.

At school, they started complaining about his lack of participation and suggested he attends a remedial school, as he was not thriving in his current school environment.

One afternoon, his dad and I heard a radio advert for a seminar about children with varying degrees of learning challenges by Dr Sandy Gluckman, who was visiting South Africa from the US. We decided to book our spot at the conference right away.

At that forum, they stressed the importance of first and foremost making sure that the child is eating right before any form of medication. We were connected to a nutritionist who arranged for a hair analysis to be conducted on him and what we discovered changed our lives forever.

The results determined the following:

1. He was wheat/ gluten intolerant;
2. He was dairy intolerant; and
3. Could not digest meat!

This explained why he would not eat no matter what we gave him. Wheat is essentially in everything, dairy was very common feature at our home, in the form of cheese, yoghurt, even a glass of milk and of course, we are meat eaters at home, so Spaghetti Bolognese and chicken drumsticks was often on the menu.

We started on our journey to find safe alternatives for him and yes, as difficult as it was finding the alternatives, they were there and VERY expensive and all imported, except for bread. A loaf of gluten-free bread was R40 and a box of 350 gram cornflakes was R92, back in 2012! Like any other parent, we sacrificed elsewhere and made sure he had these products.

At the back of my mind, I knew something had to be done to help other parents out there who are struggling with the same problem. I thought there must be a way to create the same or even better local gluten-free products at a more accessible price. Then after many hours of research and exploration, I decided to be the change I wanted to see and TrueEarth™ was born, created by a mom for moms.

As for our son, the difference these foods made was beyond belief. His appetite increased tenfold, together with the assistance of occupational therapy, he turned a corner at school and never had to walk through the doors of a remedial school, has never dropped a grade and is now an A-student whose food intolerances are well under control!

Here’s to the power of fixing the gut first ahead of everything else!