Health & Wellness, Issue 7

We atTrueEarth, are all about wholesome healthy food alternatives, because we believe that food must be enjoyed, and food must be healthy. The two are not mutually exclusive. When it comes to savoury snacking, most cautious health eaters immediately register “junk”, “unhealthy flavouring”, “high fat content”, etc. And for the most part, they are right. Snacks are generally regarded an indulgence and as such their creators do focus on taste, flavor, superior texture, all of which can be achieved quite easily and quite affordably with various artificial additives: colourants, flavourants, processing agents, you name it. Then we land up with the decadent but rather unhealthy group of foods we call snacks.

Now, when you are a mindful parent that is aware that the ingredients list of your household snacks is littered with “E” items and very little of what you can identify as naturally occurring items, what do you do? Take the snacks away? We at TrueEarth, say do not take the snack away, rather opt for a healthier snack.